About Us

Great Taste

First off, the service. Jason (the owner) is super friendly and knows how to make his customers feel appreciated. I was there when he had his first real line outside the door and he stopped for a quick second to Instagram the moment.

You can tell how genuine he is and how much he appreciates every customer who walks in, which is something a lot of boba places are lacking in Berkeley (I'm talking about your sad excuse of customer service, Purple Kow).

I was only there for about 40 minutes, but he announced SEVERAL times that if any of us didn't like our drinks, he would remake it for us. And in honor of his grand opening, he gave everyone 3 stamps.

Now THAT's customer service.

U-Cha Taiwan Tea

Delicious & Refreshing Drinks

The boba is great. I love getting their #2 Jade Lime Tea. All their drinks are really sweet though, so ask for 0 or 25% sugar.

I also love getting their shaved ice. I would stay away from their Mango Shaved Ice. It's probably one of the worst I've ever had. It's way too sweet from the condensed milk, and the flavor is too artificial. I love their Green Tea Shaved Ice though! So much better than Vampire Penguin.

I come here about 3-4 times a week...it's so good!

Mango Green Tea

Excellent Menu

All prices on the menu already include tax which was awesome to see, and they accept card with no minimum. I paid $3.75 flat for the Okinawa Milk Tea with pearls. They only seem to have one size here, which is fine. I want to say it's about 20 oz, just eyeballing the cup, but I could be wrong.

  • Definitely not a bad price.
  • And I was their second customer ever.
  • What an honor!
While waiting, I got to check out the place itself. It's very clean (it better be for the grand opening!) and the interior design is very sleek and contemporary.

Mango Shaved Ice Berkeley